Our discreet 140 decibel loud alarm keychain is your new portable bodyguard. Feel more confident and never get caught off guard again.


Perpetrators hate attention! In an emergency you need to attract attention and activate your surroundings for immediate support.


Feeling confident in your ability to protect yourself and your loved ones empowers you to live with less fear and more freedom.


You are not alone - we are in this together. Let's support each other and raise awareness on the importance of being precautious.


  • Personal Safety

    The Woke Alarm Keychain (Gold)

    The Woke Alarm Keychain in gold is elegant and radiates confidence. A cute touch to every outfit making a statement of its own. Your fashionable personal safety bodyguard awaits you.

  • Personal Safety

    The Woke Alarm Keychain (Silver)

    Looking for a discreet, yet sleek personal bodyguard? Then the Woke Alarm Keychain in silver is your new lifetime companion. A light and a lovely addition to all your daily activities.

  • Personal Safety

    The Woke Alarm Keychain (Black)

    Simplicity is key! Looking for a personal bodyguard that is minimalistic, yet compliments every outfit? Look no further – the Woke Alarm Keychain in black is the perfect match!




Here are our frequently asked questions about the Woke Alarm Keychain and your personal safety. If you need any further information, please contact us!

We have created a 60 second video for you which shows you how easy it is to use the Woke Alarm Keychain from Secanity.

The Woke Alarm Keychain can be used for your general safety as well as in any emergency: if your feeling insecure or intimidated, if your being harassed, if you injure yourself or have been injured and need immediate assistance or if you see something wrong that needs to be reported and needs attention without you endangering yourself. Consider the safety alarm keychain as your portable bodyguard that you should carry with you at all times, e.g. when you are traveling, walking alone at night, jogging, entering your car or home, and when you are entering an area you are not familiar with. Please note: it is extremely important that you check the batteries regularly by activating the alarm for a short period of time. If the sound has weakened, replace batteries immediately. Please read the user manual before using the device! 

Anyone, especially women and children can use the Woke Alarm Keychain as their safe portable bodyguard. Our safety alarm keychain is not a toy and should not be used by infants and small children. If children under the age of 18 use the alarm keychain, we strongly recommend you demonstrate and explain when and how to use the alarm keychain, as well as check if the batteries are working by regularly activating the alarm for a short period of time. 

Precaution is better than cure! The Woke Alarm Keychain offers no guarantee but might give you time to call the police, get help from people near you or run away. You should use and see the woke safety alarm keychain as a precautionary measurement for your safety and security.

We are happy to have teamed up with @shaolin_martial_art_centre to teach you simple, yet effective self-defense tip every Friday as an impulse for your overall safety. From extremely simple techniques to more challenging ones, all depending on the scenario one might be confronted with. These self-defense techniques/tips, together with The Woke Alarm Keychain are no guarantee, but together they can offer support in uncomfortable situations.

Practice them with someone you trust and share them with your loved ones. If you are interested in getting more training from the Shaolin Martial Art Centre in Edenvale Johannesburg, please send us an email at or visit for more information.

Your safety is our greatest concern – with our 12-month warranty we want to ensure that you have a longer safety experience.

If you are not convinced that the Woke Alarm Keychain is the perfect portable bodyguard for your safety and security, then you will get your money back with our 30-Day 100% Risk-Free Money-back Guarantee. Please click here for more details on our return policy .

The Woke Alarm Keychain offers the following additional benefits:

  1. Extremely Loud Alarm: 140 dB radiates up to 660 ft. and serves as an extension of your voice and attracts attention when in any kind of emergency.
  2. ABS Material & Durability: reusable, resistant material to prevent damage of device.
  3. Bright LED Flashlight: lights up your way in the dark and can send light signals.
  4. Easy to Activate & Portable: The Woke comes with batteries. Immediate protection 24/7 straight out of the box.
  5. Quality Guarantee: 12-month quality guarantee for a longer safety experience.
  6. Create Your Own Style: attach to your favorite outfits, bag’s, purses, backpacks, etc. Since it’s so small, you can even hold it in your hand if you are encountering an uncomfortable situation. 
  7. Mini-Safety Guide: personal safety tips to enhance your situational awareness.
  8. Free Self-Defense Training Tips on Instagram: learn smart and effective self-defense techniques which we post on Instagram every friday. Follow @secanity on Instagram for more inspiration. We care about your personal safety and want to give you access to information that offers you more security and protection.


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