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Empowering Safety: Your Self-Defence Ally

From the heart of South Africa, Secanity stands steadfast for every womxn and child’s right to personal safety. Whether navigating city streets, campus life, or playgrounds, our discreet keychains are designed to empower and protect, integrating self-defence seamlessly into your daily routines

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Top-Selling Self-Defence Keychain

Crafted for your safety, our self-defence keychains emit a piercing 140-decibel alarm reaching up to 200 meters, ensuring you’re heard in critical moments. Activation is effortless: pull the pin to activate the alarm and reinsert it to deactivate it. Discreet design with unmatched effectiveness.

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Your Self-Defence Bodyguard

Always Prepared: Attach our self-defence keychains to your handbag, backpack, or car keys. Simple, effective, and designed for 24/7 peace of mind.

Bright LED Flashlight

Our self-defence keychain lights up your way in the dark and can send light signals.

ABS Material & Durability

Reusable, resistant material to prevent damage of our self-defence keychain.

Easy To Activate & Portable

Immediate protection, 24/7 straight out of the box. Our self-defence keychain comes with batteries.

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Empowered by Choice: Our community thrives on confidence and the unwavering decision to prioritize personal safety.

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It’s simple: pull the pin to activate the alarm, and reinsert the pin to deactivate it. The bright LED flashlight can be used to cause flash blindness as well as to light up your way in the dark.  

Elevate your everyday safety with our trusty self-defence keychains. From unsettling encounters to urgent situations, it’s your pocket-sized guardian.

Tip: Regularly check the alarm’s strength. Low sound? Time for a battery swap. Dive into the user manual for optimal use.

Our self-defence keychain is your pocket-sized guardian. Whether facing intimidation, needing urgent help, or witnessing reportable incidents, it’s your immediate response tool.

Caution: Not for kids. For those under 16, proper guidance on usage is essential. If the sound seems faint, it’s time for new batteries. Dive into the user manual for a confident start!

Secanity’s Self-Defence Keychain offers the following additional benefits:

  1. Extremely Loud Alarm: 140 dB radiates up to 200 meters and serves as an extension of your voice, attracting attention when in an emergency.
  2. ABS Material & Durability: reusable, resistant material to prevent damage to the device.
  3. Bright LED Flashlight: lights up your way in the dark and can send light signals.
  4. Easy to Activate & Portable: quality batteries with immediate protection 24/7 straight out of the box.
  5. Quality Guarantee: 12-month quality guarantee for a longer safety experience.
  6. Access to Self-Defense Tips: Dive into effective safety tips on our Instagram @secanity.

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Yes, you can place bulk orders with us. Whether you need a larger quantity for corporate giftings or wish to equip your employees with personal safety devices, we are your trusted partners for promoting the safety culture of your company.

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