About Us

Empowering Personal Safety - One Womxn and Child at a Time

Secanity is reshaping the narrative around personal safety, offering tools and resources that empower and protect.

personal safety for womxn

Our Why

Empowerment Through Personal Safety

At Secanity, we’re more than just a brand. We’re a movement, a belief, and a commitment. Born in the heart of South Africa and founded by Palesa Mashinini, our essence is rooted in the idea that everyone has an undeniable right to feel safe and protected. Our name “Secanity” is an abbreviation for “Securing Humanity and Dignity”, and that’s precisely what we aim to do.

Woman learning self-defence techniques
Self-Defence Workshop South Africa

Our Mission​

Safety Isn't a Privilege; It's a Right

We don’t just talk about safety; we breathe it. Our range of self-defense tools is designed to be accessible, affordable, and practical. But we don’t stop at products. We’re on a mission to bring about tangible change in communities. Through our outreach programs and workshops, we’re educating womxn and children on self-defense, instilling confidence, and fostering an environment where safety isn’t an afterthought but a way of life. 

Own Your Power​

Join us in our journey to make personal safety a shared priority. Because at Secanity, we believe that when you're safe, you're unstoppable.


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