Own Your Power!

Secanity is a South-African company founded by Palesa Mashinini. “Secanity” is an abbreviation for “Securing Humanity and Dignity”.

We stand against gender-based violence. We strongly believe that personal safety is everyone’s fundamental right. Our mission is to empower women and children to defend themselves by providing easily accessible, affordable, and practical self-defense tools to regulate self-protection.

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Our Heart Project: Be Kind Foundation!

Be Kind Foundation

We are passionate about devising solutions that contribute to keeping women and children in South Africa safe. We wish to level up our initiative by supporting women who support women. With every Woke Alarm Keychain purchased, Secanity donates a percentage of its proceeds to our partner organization, The Be Kind Foundation.

Be Kind Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Dr. Variza Roopa, aiming to provide assistance, care, love, and support to the most vulnerable groups, particularly women and children. Through their self-defence educational programs and provision of essential goods and services to the most vulnerable groups and communities in South Africa, they are improving lives.

Our core values and philosophy are in full alignment with their vision. Hence, we take pride in this collaboration. With your purchase, we can help others together!

Click here to visit the Be Kind Foundation platform!

We Care About Your Safety!

The Woke Safety Alarm Keychain is a discreet device designed to produce a 140-decibel loud alarm to alert others when you encounter an emergency – decisive split seconds can change your life.

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