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Woman in a fitness studio with boxing gloves, practicing self-defence
Woman learning self-defence techniques

Standing Strong: Valuable Self-Defense Lessons from Nashali Alma’s Story

Drawing inspiration from Nashali Alma’s brave encounter, this article delves into the essence of personal safety. Beyond just physical maneuvers, it underscores the importance of mental resilience, situational awareness, and the belief that every individual possesses the power to protect themselves. Dive in to explore empowering self-defense lessons and strategies

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personal safety tool - alarm keychain

9 Essential Personal Safety Tools Every Womxn Should Have

In distressing situations, being prepared and having personal safety tools in place can make a crucial difference. It’s unfortunate that in emergencies, we often need to rely on ourselves as first responders, mainly because of the time it takes for help to arrive. The average police reaction time for crimes in progress is

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What is an Upstander vs bystander?

In social situations, there are often people who stand by and watch while others are being treated unjustly or experiencing harm. These individuals are known as bystanders. Bystander behavior is a well-documented phenomenon known as the bystander effect. This refers to the tendency for individuals to be less likely to

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Personal Safety Tips for Women and Children in South Africa

Personal Safety 101: An Introduction!

“Some things aren’t normal; they have been normalized. There’s a difference!” Personal safety is a complex and sensitive topic, yet one of the most important life skills we ALL need, but as a society, we are honestly still at the beginning. Personal safety entails recognizing and avoiding potentially dangerous situations

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Self-Defence Workshop South Africa

Personal Safety Workshop with Terra Nova Ceramics

On the 9th of April, we had the privilege of hosting a Women Empowerment Workshop for Terra Nova Ceramics, a leading manufacturer & supplier of consumables for fire assay laboratories in the gold and platinum industries. Based in Meyerton, South Africa, they provide cost-effective consumable solutions to mining companies and

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