Be A Safety Leadership Advocate in Your Organisation!

We want to change the narrative. We need a paradigm shift! Let us re-imagine what personal safety could do for our organisations if everyone were equipped with essential tools and information for protection on an individual level. Helping you create a safety culture in your organisation, where the human asset is your most valuable one, is our mission!


Our self-defence programme has been developed to ensure that all participants leave our workshop feeling empowered, confident and enabled.

Our Self-Defence training Programme

Secanity and iDefend have created an inclusive self-defence workshop for your organisation to learn the basic principles of personal safety, prevention and self-defence. iDefend was founded by Anthony Segal and is an established self-defence training organization in South Africa. Anthony has trained and empowered hundreds of students throughout the country, and has supported many outreach programmes to promote the importance of personal safety in communities. 


Situational Awareness



Our programme focuses on why we all need a personal safety strategy and educates us with practical tools, including techniques, on how to deal with public street harassment, the importance of prevention, various de-escalation techniques, how to become an upstander without endangering yourself, and practical self-defence techniques and tools that can easily be implemented regardless of your fitness level and age. These skills are proven to enhance the overall security and confidence of an individual, and in return, will contribute to a healthy safety culture in your organisation. Our workshop contributes to team building, a healthy safety culture, and it encourages communication in organisations.


Create a safety culture that amplifies your values

Take your organisation's safety initiatives to the next level. Safety is not only about the security mechanisms and procedures in your organisation, but also about ensuring that the people are trained to protect themselves on their way to and from the workplace or learning environment. A personal safety strategy is essential and contributes to the overall wellbeing of communities. Whether you are a school, university, corporate company or an organisation looking for a partner to support you with introducing or enhancing personal safety culture in your environment, our programme will cater for your individual requirements. We trust that you can call on us to boost the safety culture in your organisation.

Meet the team behind the programme

We want to raise public awareness on how personal safety is perceived by moving away from a fear-based mindset to a self empowerment-based strategy. Personal safety is part of personal development and builds the foundation for one’s own empowerment and independence. Our mission is to empower one womxn and child at a time, thereby creating a ripple effect of enablement within communities, public spaces and organisations.

Palesa Mashinini

CEO & Founder of Secanity

Anthony Segal

CEO & Founder of iDefend South Africa


Our self-defence programme has been developed to ensure that all participants leave our workshop feeling empowered, confident and enabled.


Most frequent questions and answers

Booking a workshop is simple! All you have to do is send us an email with the following information: 

  • When and where your event is taking place? 
  • How many participants are expected?

A self-defence workshop is usually 60 – 90 minutes, depending on the number of participants.

You are planning to train > 50 participants? No problem! We have enough trainers to cater to such events.

Please kindly inform us about your requirements and we will get back to you with more details on the package. 

We have a strict safety policy, which adheres to the standard safety protocols in place. Our workshop is designed to train groups of different sizes, all depending on the COVID-19 regulations given by the government and the respective organisation.

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